Sailing Australia Business Retreats

Motivate your team to sail to success and increased sales

Lisa Fogarty co founder of SABR, navigating to success ….

It all started when…

Lisa and Rob Fogarty, founders of Performance Circle started their journey on a bareboat charter holiday in 1998 a chance holiday leap of faith for Lisa turned into a journey of discovery. The Whitsundays provided the environment to relax, reflect and reset their life.

Through the on board daily challenges and navigational decisions they developed a world class experiential learning retreat, bringing together Robs professional life experiences and his love of sailing entwined with Lisa’s business acumen a new found excitement for sailing they launched Sailing Australia Business Retreats (SABR).

Collaboration ensures everyone works together using each other’s different perspectives and perceptions, when sailing the client is invited to participate in an adventure that will challenge, excite and develop new skills in communication to encourage ongoing relationships to support your business with its ongoing organisational goals and maximise your performance in any career you may be currently in or wanting to take on.

Rob Fogarty co founder of Sailing Australia Business Retreats

Rob Fogarty co founder of Sailing Australia Business Retreats

On a sailboat, very different personalities learn how to work together to accomplish a common goal. Rob and Lisa share their knowledge and experience to develop highly successful leadership retreats.

Renowned Sailing Australia Business Retreats provide strategic planning, organisation, personal leadership and team development they can tailor 3, 4 or 5-day sailing adventures for groups from the same corporation, or combine corporations, entrepreneurs, leaders or families gathering together to share ideas and be challenged.

Sail, fish, golf, energise, engage empower - success together

Sail, fish, golf, energise, engage empower - success together


This is an experiential learning retreat for people to spend time pausing, finding their breath and recharging. Increasing focus and confidence, being inspired from each others experiences, transforming their minds and body.

Creating better thinkers, communicators and experiences.


The new Hélia 44 Evolution invites you to cruise in harmony with the beauty of your surrounds in the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and islands of the Whitsundays.

Designed for maximum living space and boasting beautiful natural light throughout its interior, this elegant and luxuriously appointed catamaran also delivers a dynamic performance at sea.

Luxury living on board a beautiful sailing catamaran, cruise the islands and explore your destiny.

luxury charter boat Whitsundays