2019 Airlie Beach Festival of Music

The 2019 Airlie Beach Festival of Music is set to be a mind blowing event this year!

Beginning on the 8th November, Airlie Beach comes alive and has both domestic and international acts.

The event sees 74 bands playing over 3 days at 15 different venues and there is definitely a genre of music for everyone.

Take advantage of our ‘Super off peak’ rates in November (1st November – 20th December) meaning you can save big!

When you hire a luxury bareboat, you are the skipper of the vessel and you invite your friends or family to experience a unique, luxury style of holiday in the Whitsundays. There is no set itinerary or timetable to stick to, you simply explore the islands how and when you please.

Experience star-filled nights in tranquil anchorages. Visit secluded bays and explore rainforest tracks and national park lookouts with stunning views. Sun yourself on world famous Whitehaven Beach or snorkel the fringing coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. If that’s too much, just simply kick back and relax and enjoy the luxury and quality time with loved ones and friends.

Great news! You don’t need a formal qualification or licence to go bareboating in the Whitsundays but some boating knowledge certainly helps. Our qualified staff will take you through a comprehensive ‘brief’ on how to operate the vessel including the use of the navigation equipment, an area brief of the Whitsundays and local knowledge tips, plus mooring and anchoring skills.

If you don’t feel confident by the end of the brief, you may like to consider hiring a Sail Guide for a few extra hours ($200) for more tuition, or for the duration of the charter ($355 per 24/hrs) but more often than not, our guests are confident after the brief and are ready to start their holiday adventure.

Book a bareboat to be your accommodation during the event and then explore the Whitsunday Islands pre-and/or post-festival. Book today! https://www.luxuryyachtswhitsundays.com/