Top 3 Things You Need for Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter

If you've never been to the Whitsundays before, chartering a bareboat around 74 islands with fringing coral reef skirting every island, may seem like a daunting idea. How do I know where to go? Where to anchor? What is the weather doing?

Here you'll discover how Luxury Yachts Whitsundays makes cruising the 74 islands of the Whitsundays a breeze.


Rest assured, the 'captain' and 'first mate' of your crew undergo a thorough briefing with Luxury Yachts Whitsundays' highly qualified and experienced bareboat briefers, ensuring you leave the marina confident and comfortable to navigate your way around one of the best cruising waters in the world. The briefing is conducted at 8:30am sharp on board your bareboat and can take up to 4 hours depending on your boating experience.

Radio Schedules

A twice-daily radio schedule (or 'scheds' as they're colloquially known) by the Luxury Yachts Whitsundays base, along with the weather forecast is made with each bareboat charterer to ensure the plans you are making for the day and your choice of overnight anchorage are suitable to the prevailing wind and sea conditions.

Where to go

The '100 Magic Miles', in it's 11th edition and written by David Colfelt is the 'bible' of the Whitsundays. An easy to read and understand book on all the anchorages, snorkelling and diving spots in the Whitsundays. One copy of the 100 Magic Miles is provided on each boat and will become your best friend during your charter as you research your next days' adventure.

Cumberland Charter Yachts, the parent company to Luxury Yachts Whitsundays, has some excellent tools on the website. Using real past charterers data, you can view a sample itinerary, see where other charterers have gone and an itinerary planner, allowing you to enter the details of your vessel, dates of your charter and time of year and it will present you with a list of anchorages for you to visit each day.

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own destiny and chartering your bareboat at your own pace. Think of the islands like a playground - they're safe and help is only a radio call away. A thorough briefing, twice daily radio scheds and the 100 Magic Miles are three key tools you need to enjoy your bareboat charter with Luxury Yachts Whitsundays. There truly is no better way to discover the beauty of the Whitsundays than on your own boat with loved ones, discovering secluded bays, snorkelling spots and sleeping under 1 million stars.